About us

About us

The brand "Wanna? Be!" was founded in 2012.
From this very moment, fashionistas have one less problem to solve -
it’s possible to wear trendy jewellery with no risks. Neither ethical, nor financial.
Hooray? Hooray indeed.

Who is in charge

The founder of "WANNA? BE!" is Irina Stroynova.
And everybody is in charge here, having their own part to lead. And also to develop and inspire.

Not just a team. A family

There are not so many of us working for "WANNA? BE!" But we are standing for each other, more like a family, not only colleagues. Actually, it works better when you feel support of a friendly shoulder, no matter what. We share values, creativity and obsession with our projects, instead of bare working places and fixed salaries. And each of us is happy to welcome you here.

What is it about?

Our jewellery is a bright alliance of the most striking fashion trends and surprisingly pleasant prices. Seriously, you will be surprised. We promise.
And the variety of choices as well.

Special ornaments. Threads. Everyday magic.

Do you believe sometimes things can make wishes come true?
Those of our customers who’ve chosen thread bracelets say they do believe - now.
Although we think people themselves create magic wishing with open hearts and good intentions. Our thread is just an elegant reminder of the motives and goals.
There are more then a hundred charms in "WANNA? BE!" collections. More than a hundred choices for every occasion, personality or mood. Once you get your next wish - come and let us help to enchant.


We do not simply make jewellery. We are creating experience. And each element of this experience, from a sketch till a package, receives our closest attention.
Cause we care. Each moment is precious.


"WANNA? BE!" charms are all made of 925 silver.
The originality of each item is confirmed by the Russian probe, our logo and the factory stamp.
We use cubic zirconia to create a rainbow of colours to please your eyes and heart. These gems have the same crystalline structure as diamonds, and - your financial stability is secured. Completely.
We provide care tips with each item, so you can enjoy their shine far longer. It’s not only about you - think about your grandchildren who will have them many years later!

Our clients. Friends

Seems it could be you. Yes, exactly you, whose eyes are sliding along these lines right now. Of course, you have lots in mind as always, many important things to take care of, but still - make a short pause. Take a deep breathe and allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation and looking through beautiful things. We created them exactly to make your life a little bit brighter.

A ring brighter.
A thread bracelet easier.
A pair of small earrings happier.

Your smile is our mission.

Hi there. We are so happy to meet you.